Bubble of Silence

As the sun gently disappeared behind the horizon, a magical transformation unfolded before my eyes. The world around me seemed to hush in a harmonious symphony of stillness. I found myself enclosed in a delicate bubble, a sanctuary of silence amidst unspoiled beauty. In that tranquil space, my senses awakened to the subtle whispers of nature, and the worries of the day faded away. It was a sacred pause, where self-awareness dissolved, leaving only the blissful connection with my surroundings. It felt as though all my needs were met, as if the universe had conspired to create this refuge just for me. In that fleeting embrace, I discovered the power of being fully present and the profound tranquility it bestowed upon my soul.

From “The Golden Hour” Collection

Mixed media on canvas, 50x100x3,8cm – unframed

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