Awaken the Creative Rainbow You

& create beauty

for a more inspired world

With art that nourishes our soul,

we bring more beauty to the world,

making it a stress-free place of

abundant joy and inspiration.

Abstract artist and Creative Rainbow Mama

Born and raised in Brussels, Belgium, my love of travel makes me feel more like a citizen of the world. I’ve been on an exploratory journey into painting for more than 30 years. My abstract dreamy and vibrant sceneries are inseparable from the experiences I’m going through and how nature inspires me to express them.

It’s my way of acknowledging the Creative Rainbow Mama that I am, with my joys and my wounds, the scars of my childhood and the marks of my adulthood, the pain of my depression episodes and the magic of womanhood, the clouds of my burnout and the skies of my successes.

With my paintings and my courses, my wish is that you come to this space as well, by allowing the Creative Rainbow woman in you to let go of the big and small concerns so that you can nourish the most important things in your life.

The secret to a happy and fulfilled life lies in daring to be who we truly are out there in the world

When we don’t offer our truest self, we risk becoming disconnected from life.

That’s just not a place anyone should live. I’ve been there.

In a time of global mutation, intensified uncertainty and need for meaning, it’s crucial for women to connect with their creative energy to bring more beauty into their life and transform the world around them.

I help you awaken the Creative Rainbow energy that resides in you. The creative, play-filled woman who makes time to savor the easy moments, who inspires the ones she loves, and surrounds herself with beauty.

My courses encourage you to embrace the experience of creativity so that your soul lights up with new emotions and feelings: the joy of creating, playing, exploring, but also pride, freedom, and self-confidence.

20 Tools Free Isa Dor

Use the right tools to get the results you want!

One of the best ways to save time, money, and energy is to use the right tools to get the results you’re longing for when diving into mixed media techniques.

I’m sharing with you 20 tools that I’ve found not only to be extremely useful but also a lot of fun to play with.

The Golden Hour Collection

I love summer. I get up early and take in as much of it as I can.

The big sunrises, the cool fresh air, and the warm golden hour.

What they say

“Tuesday evening, “HeArt Journal” class – mixed media with Isa Dor. So lovely to experiment with a Gel Press plate, different papers and just create…. and get downright messy. Creativity on a new path.”


“A lot of joy, a feeling of well-being from the start. Without any stress, I was able to achieve what I have been trying for a long time with tutorials but without brio.

A really nice working atmosphere and a high availability of Isa Dor.”

Pascale De.

“Throughout the day, Isa generously offered us her advice and especially her experience. In the group, each one let herself to be carried by her benevolence and desire to share.  This extensive experience together allowed each of us to follow her sensibility and flow away in the magic of color. Thank you, Isa!”