Isa Dor

Hi, I’m Isa, an abstract artist and Rainbow Woman

My life revolves around my love for acrylic painting and the transformative power art holds

As a passionate Rainbow Woman, I’m craving for creativity, freedom, and joy. I’m always exploring the outer limits of my skills, stretching beyond conventional wisdom into uncharted territory.

My journey towards becoming an artist has been anything but ordinary

My career took flight as a financial analyst, delving into numbers and strategies. But the call for a deeper purpose steered me toward a transformative chapter as an aid worker with Doctors Without Borders. This path unfolded into roles as an HR expert, and a project manager. 

My artworks breathe emotions and tales, painted with vibrant strokes that tell stories of resilience and connection. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the chaos of life, my artworks are a fusion of vivid colors and dreamy landscapes. 

What gives my art its depth is the path I’ve walked through challenges. 

Battles with PTSD, postnatal depression, and burnout have etched their mark. Yet, these very battles have lent an authentic and raw essence to my work. They’ve infused my pieces with the courage to find light in darkness and beauty in chaos.

Create your life from what inspires your soul

Through my paintings, I sprinkle more beauty, joy, and meaning to create a stronger and freer universe. 

My art nurtures your wounds that need healing and creates a bridge with others who feel the same way. 

Find connection within yourself and harness the healing magic that empowers you to shape your life around what truly ignites your soul.

Painting has reunited me with the parts of myself scattered here and there after multiple traumas.

Let my art remind you to speak your truth with a smile.

In a world where authenticity is often overshadowed by noise, my art invites you to pause and reconnect with your own inner voice.

It serves as a mirror to your emotions, allowing you to explore the depths of your feelings and experiences. Through its bold colors and textures, it reflects the profound nature of the human journey.

Whether you’re in a season of intense energy, or of quiet secrecy, this art will ground you with its healing colors and forms, like the reassuring touch of a trusted friend through thick and thin.

Looking to spruce up your space with a dash of personality? Well, have I got a treat for you! 

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Have you spotted me in the art world?

I’ve showcased solo exhibitions in both Belgium and France, participated in major events such as the Pébéo Mixed Media Art Contest & Exhibition 2019 at London’s Menier Gallery, and the International Contemporary Art Fair of Brussels2021. A highlight of 2023 was securing the second prize at the Art Contest of the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

I’m a certified GOLDEN Artist Educator and I teach mixed media art classes, accessible to all.

Outside the studio, I enjoy time with my grown sons, sharing laughs over vegetarian meals. My trio of cats adds cozy companionship. Exploring art exhibitions and having laid-back café lunches with friends brings me pure happiness and memorable moments.

My quirky side: the fun stuff

I’ve dedicated nearly 20 years of my life working with Doctors Without Borders. Being part of the team when they won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999 was a truly defining moment.

My real name might be Isabelle, but most people who know me well call me Isa. It’s like my own version of a superhero alias!

When backpacking to Australia, I rubbed elbows with the King of Belgium during a picnic thrown in his honor. Who knew picnics could be so grand?

I have a knack for communicating with animals. Dr. Doolittle would be proud!

I dabbled in the world of shiatsu and energy healing for a while. Let’s just say it was my ‘zen’ phase!

I’m not exactly the life of a cocktail party. Instead, you’ll find me on a tranquil beach, gazing at the waves rhythmically rolling in. My idea of a wild night out!