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A personal invitation to Isa Dor’s

Abstract Gallery of Emotions and Inspiration

In a world that’s constantly in motion, there’s a moment of serenity waiting to be captured – a moment dedicated to cherishing the beauty of life and the power of art. Now, in this post-pandemic era, is the perfect time to nourish your soul with the essence of abstract, dreamy, and vibrant artworks.

The Art Collectors’ Guide isn’t just another guide – it’s a key that opens the doors to vibrant experiences and heartfelt connections.

As an art lover, enthusiast, or collector, you’ll find that this guide is like a backstage pass to a world of colors, emotions, and stories that’ll feel like a warm hug for your soul.

What makes the Art Collectors’ Guide so special?

  • Dive into Art That Gets You: Ever looked at a painting and felt like it’s whispering secrets that only you understand? That’s the kind of connection you’ll find here. Let these artworks become companions on your journey, reflecting your experiences, dreams, and thoughts you keep tucked away.
  • Unveil Stories That Ignite Conversations: You know those magical moments when a piece of art resonates so deeply, that it sparks conversations that go beyond mere aesthetics? Each piece in this guide has a tale, waiting to be shared. 

  • Revamp Your Space, Shift Your Vibe: Tired of the same old walls staring back at you? Get ready to transform your space into a living canvas. Let this guide inspire you to infuse your living spaces with your unique journey, taste, and style.

Meet the artist behind the artworks

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Isa Dor, and my journey towards becoming an artist has been anything but ordinary. My career took flight as a financial analyst, delving into numbers and strategies. However, the call for a deeper purpose steered me toward a transformative chapter as an aid worker with Doctors Without Borders. This path unfolded into roles as an HR expert, a project manager, and yes, even a detour into the world of shiatsu therapy.

After a corporate burnout, I decided to become a full-time artist. My artworks breathe emotions and tales, painted with vibrant strokes that tell stories of resilience and connection. 

What gives my art its depth is the path I’ve walked through challenges. Battles with PTSD, postnatal depression, and burnout have etched their mark. Yet, these very battles have lent an authentic and raw essence to my work. They’ve infused my pieces with the courage to find light in darkness and beauty in chaos.

I’ve showcased solo exhibitions in both Belgium and France and participated in prestigious events such as the Pébéo Mixed Media Art Contest & Exhibition 2019 at London’s Menier Gallery, and the International Contemporary Art Fair of Brussels 2021. A highlight of 2023 was securing the second prize at the Art Contest of the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

Outside of my studio, I spend time with my two adult sons, sharing laughter around a vegetarian meal. My trio of cats adds a touch of cozy companionship. I find joy in exploring art exhibitions and indulging in leisurely café lunches with friends, creating cherished memories along the way.

Be bold and shine,

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