The Eye of the Storm

In the heart of life’s tempest, where chaos reigns and emotions collide in a tumultuous dance, unfolds a narrative that whispers the profound tale of resilience. It’s an exploration of a sanctuary deliberately crafted within the twists and turns of life’s journey.
Within this tranquil center lies a refuge forged by the deliberate decision to create a bubble, accepting being jostled while retaining the ability to realign amidst life’s turbulence.
The Eye of the Storm is a purposeful creation—a space where peace is fostered even in the presence of the darkest thoughts.
Amidst life’s chaos and the storms of emotion, a haven for calm and introspection emerges. It’s a space to confront shadows, acknowledge turbulence, and find profound peace that transcends the darkness.

Acrylic & Mixed Media on canvas – 120x100cm (delivered unframed).

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