‘Integration’ brings us to a profound stage of our journey, where the intricacies of our energy cycles, be it in our career, family, or relationships, harmoniously intersect with the realm of our thoughts. This canvas embodies the age of maturity, where not only have we become acutely aware of how these energy cycles function, but we’ve also delved deep within ourselves, mastering the art of managing them.

The painting’s intricate pattern reflects the ease with which we navigate from one cycle to another. We have crafted our own roadmap and developed strategies to harness these cycles to our advantage. This is the stage of true wisdom, where we have grown into our understanding of life’s myriad cycles, both those that impact us externally and those we’ve internalized.

Through our experiences, we’ve built a vast knowledge database, allowing us to not just coexist with these cycles but to thrive within them. ‘Integration’ symbolizes our capacity to manage, sort, and harmoniously live with these cycles, free from the overwhelm and pressures they once imposed. It’s an ode to the wisdom and maturity that comes with embracing life’s labyrinths.

Mixed media on canvas, 30x30x3.8 cm – unframed


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