‘Deciphering’ depicts the intricate landscape of our evolving thoughts. The canvas becomes a tapestry of constant thoughts, scattered yet seemingly arranged with a sense of growing maturity. We find ourselves at the threshold of adulthood, believing we’ve neatly lined up our ducks, stacking experiences of various shades, from the good to the bad and the ugly.

This piece represents a pivotal juncture in life when we begin to feel more in control of our destiny. Yet, beneath this newfound sense of authority, a quiet awareness dawns – a realization that there must be a deeper, more meaningful way to experience life. We start to notice areas of our existence that feel slightly askew, often revealed through repeated experiences. Patterns emerge, and we begin to decode the cyclical stages that define our journey.

‘Deciphering’ reflects the power of self-discovery and adaptation. It signifies our growing ability to recognize and assimilate the benefits of these cycles, allowing us to navigate life’s labyrinth with increasing wisdom and intention.

Mixed media on canvas, 30x30x3.8 cm – unframed


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