Back and Forth

‘Back and Forth’ depicts the ever-shifting tides of thought and emotion. Thoughts take flight like feathers in the wind, some drifting away, while others cling together, forming intricate patterns. The canvas becomes a reflection of the accumulation of life’s moments, often piling up rapidly, obscuring our path and blurring our perspective.

This artwork relates to a phase in life where we find ourselves oscillating between the present and our longings, navigating the labyrinthine terrain of our desires. It’s a time when energy cycles may seem tumultuous, and our thoughts hold us captive in states that don’t entirely align with our inner essence.

It can be compared to the teenage years of our journey, where self-discovery and turbulence go hand in hand. ‘Back and Forth’ captures the tension and beauty of this period, where we grapple with the push and pull of emotions, seeking balance amidst the chaos.

Mixed media on wood panel, 40x40x6 cm – unframed


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