The Escape

Yearning for serenity calls for a return to the familiar “before.” We find ourselves craving a metaphorical “refresh” button or, better yet, a colossal “delete” button to erase the present. Yet there seems to be no escape from the ever-shifting currents of our reality. Just when we believe we have it deciphered, it slips away, leaving us grappling with a whirlwind of thoughts and concerns. The mind races, burdened with unending questions and worries. All we desire is to unravel the tangled web and find meaning amidst the chaos. We grow weary of the ceaseless overthinking, the relentless self-doubt, and the entrapment in cycles of worry and anxiety. Our yearning is for freedom, liberation from the chains that bind us. There’s an universal longing to break free and rediscover a sense of ease and tranquility, just once more.

From the “From Chaos to Serenity” collection.

Mixed Media on canvas, 30x30x3,8cm