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Awaken the Creative Rainbow You!

I want you to experience and feel the world in a way that allows you to live your best life, knowing you can tap at any moment into your creativity to make your world shine.

Follow the Creative Rainbow You and life will blossom into a beautiful, unique expression of you, energized and confident, able to follow your intuition without doubting and second-guessing yourself.

I’m here to encourage your natural, soul-given gifts, to help you recognize what those are and to support you in using them.

Find the course your soul is most drawn to, and it will feel like an intimate conversation with yourself as if you were sitting on the front porch sipping lemonade.

Acrylic Pouring Workshops

HeArt Journal

Isa Dor Mini Abstracts

Online Courses

Acrylic Pouring Workshops

Do you want to explore an exciting artistic avenue?

Or do you need to let go?

Acrylic Pouring (also called Fluid Art) is an acrylic painting technique that uses no brushes and plays on the effects of gravity on colours.

That’s what makes it fun, exciting, and easy to access!

Magic appears on the canvas and in your soul, as this art makes great use of letting go…

The Fundamentals Workshop

(in 1950 Kraainem)

One-day workshop (6h) in Acrylic Pouring: learn the fundamentals of this practice while experiencing the pleasure of creativity and the benefits of letting go!

No prior experience is required, you choose your colours, you put them all in a cup, you pour everything on a canvas and watch magic happening!

The “BIG” Workshop

(in 1950 Kraainem)

“Large Format” workshop for Acrylic Pouring passionates!

Half-day workshop (3h): become familiar with the particular approach required to create a “big” artwork in Acrylic Pouring.

Everything here is “large”: large space, large volumes of paintings and mediums, large containers, large canvas and … great patience!

But also, great happiness to be able to unleash your XXL creativity, by making beautiful paintings that you can proudly take home!

This workshop is reserved for students who have completed the 4-week Acrylic Pouring training or “The Fundamentals” workshop.

HeArt Journal classes

(in 1950 Kraainem)

Do you think you can’t draw, or that you have no artistic sense?

Are you looking to reconnect with your creativity?

Join our mixed media weekly classes with acrylics: prints, transfers, collages, textures, layers… and much more.

But what is a “HeArt Journal”?

You’ll create an art journal with your “Creative Rainbow energy”, in direct connection with your child’s heart (and less with your head!). Once the technical aspects are understood, I guide you to detach yourself from standards and conventions, let your intuition speak and focus on the pleasure of playing.

This is not art therapy, but an exploratory artistic journey, which privileges pleasure, discovery and sharing.

The course is open to teens from the age of 15 and adults. No prior experience is required.

You can join us at any time of the year; each participant receives the necessary support to be able to quickly immerse themselves in the technique.

Stress Free in 10


Decrease your stress level in less than 10’ a day!

Get all the benefits of zentangle, without strictly playing by the rules.

Carve out 10’ a day for yourself to take a break from things that stress you out, and get into a better mood

Learn how to draw easy patterns in a few minutes to get out of your head

Acquire for life an easy, practical, and creative habit to quickly release your stress, wherever you are, with little material and no specific artistic skills

Isa Dor Online Course

Painting Mini Abstracts for Beginners (online)

Keep reading if you want to…

Express yourself through abstract artworks, overcome your doubts about your creative skills, and use mixed media like you’ve been doing it for years.

Ever had thoughts like these cross your mind?

  • I’ve had a lot of creative dreams for years, but I never nurtured them – and now it’s too late.…”
  • “I want to explore mixed media, but I’m not sure how or where to start…”
  • “My soul is craving for a creative outlet, but I don’t feel like I’m the creative type…
  • “I want to paint intuitively but I can’t help overthinking and doubting my steps …”
  • “I feel that setting time aside for my creative dreams is a luxury compared to all the obligations I need to fulfill first…”

I want to give you a space where you can explore your inner artist. Join the waitlist and get priority access when we reopen again in 2022!

20 tools free Isa Dor

Use the right tools to get the results you want!

One of the best ways to save time, money, and energy is to use the right tools to get the results you’re longing for when diving into mixed media techniques.

I’m sharing with you 20 tools that I’ve found not only to be extremely useful but also a lot of fun to play with.

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