Isa Dor

I’m a passionate Creative Rainbow Mama, craving for creativity, freedom and joy

I am Isa Dor, abstract artist and mixed media educator. It’s what I do best. It’s what I live for.

I used to pick the wrong battles and be a people pleaser for a long time.

Saying things straight, simple and with a smile is my thing.

I’m mostly self-taught. While working full time, I took classes in interior design, learned perspective and composition, and developed my drawing and coloring skills. Acrylic paint has become my preferred medium in resonance with my sensibility. I love using it because there is a tactile and energizing magic that fuels my creative process.

Since 2008 I have done several solo exhibitions in Brussels, Belgium, participated in the Pébéo Mixed Media Art Contest & Exhibition 2019 at the Menier Gallery in London and in the International Contemporary Art Fair of Brussels 2021.


I’m a happy certified GOLDEN Artist Educator and I teach mixed media as well as acrylic pouring , accessible to all.

Let’s create beauty together with soulful art. Because we want to make our world a more inspired and joyful place!

My wish is that my art helps you create your life

from what inspires your soul.

Art feeds our soul.

By creating a painting, I know I am bringing more beauty to the world, more joy, more meaning. 

I want my paintings to inspire you, nourish a part of you that is perhaps neglected or forgotten, or increase tenfold that feeling of happiness you have when you look at it.

With my classes, I guide women to reveal, follow and heal their Creative Rainbow energy, so that they can add a playful and confident dimension to life.

We play, get covered in paint, set our mind free and nourish our soul.

Painting is a healing process. It has reunited me with the parts of myself scattered here and there after multiple traumas.

The artistic journey has taken me through waves of pushing and waves of letting go, seasons of intense energy and seasons of quiet secrecy. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been liberating.

Depression, anxiety and burnout. I’ve crawled on the floor, fought my emotions, or felt my life was spinning like a washing machine.

But I’ve always come back to the healing power of the creative process.

Painting is a way to start uncovering what’s within. It helps us release what’s hidden inside, allowing it to open and flourish first on paper or canvas, then in our lives. It becomes a powerful voice that guides us to be more connected with ourselves, and when we listen to it, we are able to understand that we can fully love and trust who we are.

I’ve worked with students who, thanks to painting, finally accepted who they were today, without shame, as what they are is inseparable of any of their experiences, good or bad, the ones they’re proud of and the ones they’re less proud of, the ones they like to share, the ones they’d rather hide.

I’ll show you the way home to the Creative Rainbow You, because I’ve traveled that road too.

I started my love affair with art at the age of 4, when I picked up brushes and painted my first starlit night.

Mixing the tip of the brush with water and gouache until it became creamy and then spreading it on paper were for me experiences comparable to tasting a coveted cake in a pastry shop window! 

I relive the same emotion every time I grab a canvas to evoke how nature seduced me in the moment: the flowers opening in the grass, the waves at the edge of the Atlantic, the sun piercing through the clouds after the rain…

I paint to be free. Loosening up, playing around, getting my hands in the paint, without any pressure to make a specific statement or meet someone’s expectations.

It’s an invitation for people to know the real me. It’s a desire to tell the world, “This is who I am.”

Ready to create a life that nourishes your soul?

Here is how we can work together

 Creating art is like sowing the seeds of beauty into your body, it chases the clouds, calms your mind chatter, and develops a sense of fulfilment.

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What my students say

“As soon as we enter the studio, we find ourselves in Isa Dor’s world and her generosity to share her knowledge, passions, and favourites. She gives us access to quality and limitless material. She takes us where we have no idea that we can get and even makes us surpass ourselves. All this with cheerfulness and moments of memorable laughter. For nothing in the world we would not miss this weekly appointment!”

Pascale Do.

“Patient, with incredible kindness, calm and gentleness, attentive, emphatic, in short Isa Dor is a great teacher! Perfect for passing on her passion, her advice, her practice of Acrylic Pouring which she masters perfectly. It was a real pleasure to join the group.”


“Passionate, talented and generous artist, constantly searching to provide better advice!”